Figure 1. Wordcloud of 100 blog posts' titles.

I have been blogging for some time and have reached a hundred blog posts. I thought that it would be nice to celebrate this milestone by revisiting the 100 blog posts in numbers, listed here. Figure 1 illustrates a wordcloud generated from the titles of the hundred blog posts. Prominent words include music, research, women, and technology.

By Year

I wrote my first blog post in 2006 for my first blog named streeTypes, and I wrote here my 100th blog post in 2022. This is 16 years of blogging! Figure 2 shows a count plot of the total amount of blog posts by year, with an increasing trend. The year 2021 was especially fruitful writing a total of 16 blog posts. In the second position, there is 2022 with a total of 14 blog posts. A monthly blog post is my target for the upcoming months.

Figure 2. Total amount of blog posts by year.

By Category

The blog posts can be classified within the categories of AI and music, music technology/SMC, HCI, design, and research methods. Figure 3 shows the total amount of blog posts by category. The most popular category is music technololgy / sound and music computing (SMC) with 43 blog posts. This is followed by the categories of research methods (17), AI and music (15), design (14) and HCI (11).

Figure 3. Total amount of blog posts by category.

Figure 4 shows a stacked count plot of the total amount of blog posts by year and category. Design was the main topic between 2006-2009. HCI, music tech/SMC and research methods were the main topics between 2010-2014, which were the years of my PhD. Since 2016, the main topics have been music tech/SMC, combined with AI and music starting in 2020. Research methods have been also covered especially in 2022 while attending the DMU’s Future Research Leaders programme.

Figure 4. Total amount of blog posts by year and category.

By Authorship

As shown in Figure 5, some of the blog posts have been co-written, but generally, I write them as a solo author, which is common in blogging. The full list of authors can be found on the web page blog posts.

Figure 5. Total amount of blog posts by category and authorship style.

By Language

As shown in Figure 6, most of the blog posts have been written in English (72). The second language is Spanish (25) and three were multilingual, written in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Figure 6. Total amount of blog posts by language.

By Blog Site

I have been publishing on several blogs, as shown in Figure 7. I have been running the blogs in collaboration, except for my personal website’s blog and streeTypes. I have been publishing most frequently on my personal website’s blog. Since October 22, 2016, I have been running my personal blog publishing blog posts under the above categories and taking the perspectives of research, music, announcements, resources, and teaching.

Figure 7. Total amount of blog posts by blog site.

Figure 8 shows the total amount of blog posts by blog site and category. Some of the blogs are focused on one category, such as MIRLCAuto or streeTypes, while others are more miscellaneous, such as my personal website’s blog or the MIDAS’s blog.

Figure 8. Total amount of blog posts by blog site and category.

From the analytics of my website, the three most popular blog posts are:

A Random Blog Post 2006-2022

List of Blogs

Here is the list of the blogs that I’ve been involved in:

  • 06/2020-2021 - MIRLCAuto, the website and blog of the research project MIRLCAuto: A Virtual Agent for Music Information Retrieval in Live Coding. Creator and Author.
  • 09/2018-12/2019 - Women Nordic Music Technology, the website and blog of the WoNoMute organization. Co-Creator and Coordinator.
  • 08/2018-12/2019 - MCT master blog, the blog of the MCT master. Co-Creator and Co-Coordinator.
  • 05/2017-07/2018 - Audio Commons, the blog of the EU-funded project Audio Commons. Coordinator, Reviewer and Author.
  • 10/2016-present - Anna Xambó’s Blog, the blog of my personal website. Creator and Author.
  • 05/2016-12/2017 - Women in Music Tech, the newsletter of the Women in Music Tech organization. Co-Creator, Coordinator, Reviewer and Author.
  • 09/2013-08/2014 - MIDAS’s Blog, the research blog of the MIDAS project. Co-Creator, Coordinator and Author.
  • 01/2010-12/2011 - postWIMP, a blog on HCI and interaction design. Co-Creator, Coordinator and Author.
  • 03/2006-03/2009 - streeTypes, a blog on typography in public spaces. Creator and Author.


Thank you to the readers who have read my blog posts and occasionally have provided feedback. Also thanks to the co-authors for the opportunity of collaborating through blogging. Special thanks to Gerard for his constant help and advice. The plots have been generated in Python using the libraries matplotlib, seaborn, pandas, and wordcloud. A random blog post has been generated using JavaScript.