Anna Xambó presenting at the Web Audio Conference 2019, December 2019. Photo by Shreejay Shrestha.

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  • Støckert, R., Bergsland, A., Xambó, A. (2020). “The Notion of Presence in a Telematic Cross-Disciplinary Program for Music, Communication and Technology”. In Eiksund, Ø. J., Angelo, E., Knigge, J. (eds.) Music Technology in Education – Channeling and Challenging Perspectives. (Open Access). Cappelen Damm Akademisk, Oslo. pp. 77–101.
  • Xambó, A., Font, F., Fazekas, G. and Barthet, M. (2019) “Leveraging Online Audio Commons Content For Media Production” [PUBLISHED] [AAM] [Companion Website]. In Michael Filimowicz (ed.) Foundations in Sound Design for Linear Media: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Routledge. pp. 248-282. ISBN 978-1-138-09396-6.
  • Xambó, A. (2017). “Embodied Music Interaction: Creative Design Synergies Between Music Performance and HCI” [PUBLISHED] [AAM]. In Price, S. and Broadhurst, S. (eds.) Digital Bodies: Creativity and Technology in the Arts and Humanities. Palgrave Macmillan, London. pp. 207-220. ISBN 978-1-349-95241-0.
  • Xambó, A., Laney, R., Dobbyn, C. and Jordà, S. (2013). “Video Analysis for Evaluating Music Interaction: Musical Tabletops” [PUBLISHED] [PREPRINT]. In Holland, S., Wilkie, K., Mulholland, P. and Seago, A. (eds.) Music and Human-Computer Interaction. Springer, London. pp. 241–258. ISBN 978-1-447-12990-5.

Journal Special Issues

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  • Xambó, A., Roma, G., Magnusson, T. (eds.) (Forthcoming). Special Issue on Live Coding Sonic Creativities. Organised Sound. 28(2).
  • Xambó, A., Martín, S. R., Roma, G. (eds.) (2020). JAES Special Issue on Web Audio. [PUBLISHED] Journal of Audio Engineering Society, 68(10). You can read our guest editors’ note here.

Journal Articles

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  • Xambó, A. (Forthcoming). Discovering Creative Commons Sounds in Live Coding. Organised Sound. 28(2). (In Press).
  • Xambó, A. (2022) “Virtual Agents in Live Coding: A Review of past, present and future directions”. [PUBLISHED] [PREPRINT]. eContact!, 21.1. Online journal.
  • Roma, G., Xambó, A., Green, O., Tremblay, P.A. (2021) “A General Framework for Visualization of Sound Collections in Musical Interfaces”. (Open Access). Applied Sciences, 11(24):11926. [Companion Website]
  • Xambó, A., Støckert, R., Jensenius, A.R. and Saue, S. (2020). “Learning to Code through Web Audio: A Team-Based Learning Approach”. [PUBLISHED] [AAM]. Journal of Audio Engineering Society, 68(10), pp. 727-737. Special Issue on Web Audio.
  • Xambó, A., Lerch, A. and Freeman, J. (2019) “Music Information Retrieval in Live Coding: A Theoretical Framework” (Open Access) [PUBLISHED] [AAM]. Computer Music Journal, 42(4), Winter 2018, pp. 9-25.
  • Roma, G., Xambó, A. and Freeman, J. (2018). “User-independent Accelerometer Gesture Recognition for Participatory Mobile Music” [PUBLISHED] [AAM]. Journal of Audio Engineering Society, 66(6), pp. 430-438.
  • Xambó, A., Roma, G., Shah, P., Tsuchiya, T., Freeman, J. and Magerko, B. (2018). “Turn-taking and Online Chatting in Co-located and Remote Collaborative Music Live Coding” [PUBLISHED] [AAM]. Journal of Audio Engineering Society, 66(4), pp. 253–256.
  • Xambó, A., Hornecker, E., Marshall, P., Jordà, S., Dobbyn, C. and Laney, R. (2017). “Exploring Social Interaction with a Tangible Music Interface” [PUBLISHED] [AAM]. Interacting with Computers, 29:2, pp. 248-270.
  • Jewitt, C., Xambó, A. and Price, S. (2017). “Exploring Methodological Innovation in the Social Sciences: The Body in Digital Environments and the Arts” (Open Access) [PUBLISHED] [ONLINE VERSION]. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 20:1, pp. 105-120.
  • Jewitt, C., Price, S., Xambó, A. (2017). “Conceptualising and Researching the Body in Digital Contexts: Towards New Methodological Conversations across the Arts and Social Sciences” [PUBLISHED]. Qualitative Research, 17:1, pp. 37-53.
  • Xambó, A., Hornecker, E., Marshall, P., Jordà, S., Dobbyn, C. and Laney, R. (2013). “Let’s Jam the Reactable: Peer Learning During Musical Improvisation with a Tabletop Tangible Interface” [PUBLISHED] [AAM] [Appendices and Supplements]. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, 20(6), pp. 36:1–36:34.
  • Bogdanov, D., Haro, M., Fuhrmann, F., Xambó, A., Gómez, E. and Herrera, P. (2013). “Semantic Audio Content-based Music Recommendation and Visualization Based on User Preference Examples” [PUBLISHED] [AAM]. Information Processing & Management, 49(1), pp. 13–33.

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  • Xambó, A. (2008). “Interfaces for Sketching Musical Compositions”. Unpublished master’s thesis. UPF.
  • Xambó, A., Martos, E. (2004). “Crossmedia Infantil: Estudi sobre les noves tecnologies i la comunicació audiovisual a l’escola infantil i primària (Report of New Technologies and Audiovisual Communication in Primary Education)” [REPORT] [Appendices and Supplements]. Unpublished report. Fundació Caixa de Sabadell with the support of UB.

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