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This is my personal website, blog and portfolio. The views expressed on this website/blog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of any other individual or organisation.

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Latest Publications

  • New Xambó, A. (2023) “Discovering Creative Commons Sounds in Live Coding”. Organised Sound. 28(2): 276–289 (Open Access).
  • Champlin, A., Chicau, J., Corfiel, M., Knotts, S., Marie, M., Saladino, I., Xambó, A. (2023) “LivecoderA Community Report” (Community Report Paper). Proceedings of the International Conference of Live Coding (ICLC 2023). Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • Xambó, A., Goudarzi, V. (2022) “The Mobile Audience as a Digital Musical Persona in Telematic Performance” [PDF] [PubPub]. Proceedings of the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME ’22). Waipapa Taumata Rau, Aotearoa / The University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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Latest Performances

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Latest Other Activities

  • Forthcoming (December 15-16, 2023). Panellist of the panels "AI and Ethics" and "AI in Performance" at the symposium "AI in Music (AINMUSIC): Agency, Performance, Production and Perception", University of Music Trossingen/KISS project, Trossingen, Germany / online.
  • New (December 1, 2023). Participation in the compilation LOLTRAX001 with the track mnnw (extract). LOL Editions. This compilation is curated by Joe Beedles and Guillaume Dujat. Recommended donation £8. Limited Edition Cassette £12. All proceeds donated to MIND (UK based mental health charity).
  • (2023-2024). Jury Member of the Generative Music Prize / Prix Musique Generative. The jury members are Agoria, Greg Beller, Berrak Nil Boya, Andrea Faroppa, Georg Hajdu, Holly Herndon, Philippe Langlois, Frank Madlener, Miller Puckette and Anna Xambó. IRCAM Forum, Paris, France.

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Interviews / On the Press

  • (August/September, 2023) Testimonial of how I am coping with and using AI in my musical practice, published in the article AI and the Future of Human Made Music. Introduction and Interviews by Jonas Vognsen. Perfect Sound Forever online music magazine.
  • (May, 2023) Testimonial from my participation in the panel "Music creation" at the event "Challenges and Opportunities in Music Tech - Open Debate", Universitat Pompeu Fabra, published in the article How will AI coexist with human music? The future is now. Article by Karma Peiró. Challenges and Opportunities in Music Tech. Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain.
  • (November 25, 2022) Exposition of my live-coding work published in the book: Blackwell, A.F., Cocker, E., Cox, G., McLean, A., Magnusson, T. (2022) Live Coding: A User's Manual", The MIT Press, pp. 122-124.

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