Embedded AudioCommons (2018)

Description: This code is part of the project “Embodied Interactions with E-Textiles and the Internet of Sounds for Performing Arts”. The project proposes a prototyping system that allows performers to manipulate sounds through gestural interactions captured by textile wearable sensors. The e-textile sensor data control, in real-time, audio synthesis algorithms working with content from Audio Commons, a novel web-based ecosystem for repurposing crowd-sourced audio.

This part of the code aims at transferring downloaded audio files from the Internet in real time to the embedded Bela platform. The workflow is: (1) downloading an audio file from a laptop/desktop computer connected to the Internet, (2) convert the file to a .wav file, (3) transfer it to the embedded platform Bela, and (4) send it to a Pure Data (Pd) patch. This code assumes that the laptop and the Bela platform are both connected to the same network, which has access to the Internet.

Author: Anna Xambó

Role: Concept and implementation.

Technologies: Python & Bash.

Code: https://github.com/AudioCommons/embedded-audiocommons