Awarded Music Hack: Soundscape Turntablism @ Music Hack Day Barcelona (2012)

Description: Soundscape Turntablism music hack is a follow up of SoundscapeDJ, presented at the Hack Camp (Music Tech Fest, London 2012). In this occasion we built a tiny homemade turntable using a DC motor. The motor is controlled via Sense board, which allows to map any sensors to the rotation speed. You can use reacTIVision fiducials as “records”, in this case, sounds from The rotation rates of the fiducials affects the audio rate of the recordings.

Authors: Gerard Roma, Anna Xambó

Role: Concept, part of the implementation and TUI design.

Technologies: Freesound 2 API, SuperCollider, Freesound2 Quark, SETO Quark, reacTIVision, a Sense board.

Acknowledgments: Robert Seaton, Ian Cameron, and the Electronics and Audio Visual Production Department (Faculty of Maths, Computing and Technology, The Open University).

Submission: Soundscape Turntablism @ wiki

Prizes: Reactable prize, Zvooq prize