Female Laptop Orchestra (FLO) & Women in Music Tech (WiMT) @ Audio Mostly 2017

Transmusicking I. Audio Mostly 2017. Oxford House Theatre. London, UK. August 25, 2017.

A geomap representation of the performers and their locations in Transmusicking I (FLO & WiMT). Photo composition by Anna Xambó. From top to bottom, left to right: Jason Freeman, Jyoti Narang, Somesh Ganesh, Takahiko Tsuchiya, Franziska Schroeder, Agneya Kerure, Anna Xambó, Ariane Stolfi, Nela Brown, Tuna Pase, Maria Papadomanolaki, Magdalena Chudy, Sonia Wilkie.
The co-located performers of the network music piece Transmusicking I who performed from London. From left to right: Agneya Kerure, Anna Xambó, Ariane Stolfi.

Program notes

Transmusicking I explores geographical, cultural, technical and artistic challenges of collaborative music making, with musicians distributed globally who use multiple tools to relay information and create music.

This is a collaboration between Female Laptop Orchestra (FLO) & Women in Music Tech (WiMT):

FLO: Nela Brown (HR), Magdalena Chudy (PL), Maria Papadomanolaki (GR), Sonia Wilkie (AU), Ariane Stolfi (BR), Tuna Pase (TR), Franziska Schroeder (DE). WiMT: Anna Xambó (CAT/SP), Léa Ikkache (FR), Jason Freeman (US), Somesh Ganesh (IN), Jyoti Narang (IN), Agneya Kerure (IN) and Takahiko Tsuchiya (JP).

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Audio / Video


  • Code available here.