un(pack) by Anna Xambó @ I2MT Inaugural Concert, University of Nottingham (November 30, 2023)

(un)pack. I2MT Inaugural Concert, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK. November 30, 2023.

Photo by Natallia Yakavets.

About the event

The Interactive & Intelligent Music Technologies Research Group (I2MT) Inaugural Concert will be featuring music works by Juan Martínez Ávila, Steve Benford, Craig Vear, John Richards (AKA Dirty Electronics) and special guest Anna Xambó.

I2MT is the start of a new cross-faculty research cluster that investigates Interactive & Intelligent Music Technologies. Our work focuses on developing technical innovation (new software & hardware interfaces and instruments), pushing boundaries of practice (such as robotics, AI, deep learning), understanding human computer & AI interactions in music, with the ultimate goal of enhancing human creativity.

This session will include the following sets:

Further information

  • More info about the event can be found here.


This live coding session will investigate the transient everyday sound of packing and unpacking. The visible code will reveal the improvisational nature of the session, in which the use of own recordings will be enhanced with an augmented AI-powered digital sampler. The process will be done through the self-built SuperCollider extensions MIRLCa and MIRLCRew2 combining sounds from the Freesound database with personal sounds in a sound-based drone music style. Olivia Jack’s Hydra will be used for the visuals.

Audio / Video

Video (Rehearsal)


I am thankful to Craig Vear for the invitation and to Craig Vear, Juan Martínez Ávila, Steve Benford, and John Richards for their hospitality. Also thank you to Glenn McGarry for the technical support and Natallia Yakavets for the photos.