Make Noise Not War by Anna Xambó @ Algorave 10th Birthday Party (March 19, 2022)

Live coding session of Make Noise Not War. Algorave 10th Birthday Party. Online event. March 19, 2022.

Anna Xambó performing Make Noise Not War at Algorave 10th Birthday Party (March 19, 2022).

About the event

In March 2022, algorave turned ten years old. A whole day with ten minute live streams was filled, with live coded and other algorithmic performances. Beginners and old-timers were all welcome to stream.

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Under the motto “Make Noise Not War”, a noisy live coding exploration is pursued using different noise generators, spanning from sound-based rhythmic patterns from personal recordings to an augmented box with metal springs, to crowdsourced sounds from Freesound.

The sounds are created with SuperCollider, including self-built SuperCollider extensions such as MIRLCa (, MIRLCRep2 and MIRLCRew2 (to be released soon, a previous version can be found at:

This live set has been specially prepared for the celebration of 10 years of Algorave standing for a pacifist solution to the present turmoil of the war in Ukraine.

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Sound Credit List (Source:


Big thank you to Alex McLean for organising this event and to the 144 live coders who contributed with a full day of fabulous live streams.