When virtual meets reality by Anna Xambó @ British Science Festival (September 16, 2022)

When Virtual Meets Real. Manhattan 34 Cellar Bar. British Science Festival. On-site event. September 16, 2022.

Anna Xambó preparing for her performance at the British Science Festival (September 16, 2022). Photo by Chris Johnston.

About the event

The British Science Association and De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) have partnered together to host the British Science Festival in the city of Leicester across five days, 13-17 September, 2022.

The Music, Technology and Innovation - Institute for Sonic Creativity (MTI^2) is featured with the talk “Stories of Sound” by James Andean (one of the Awards Lectures at the British Science Festival, awarded in Science and the arts), the audiovisual installation “Traces, Molten” by Bret Battey, and the research concert “When virtual meets reality” by Anna Xambó Sedó.

“When virtual meets reality” is a research concert with three parts. In the first part, the music technology used in the performance is presented to the audience. In the second part, the performance takes place. In the third and last part, an online survey and Q&A group discussion conclude the event.

Further information

Programme Notes

Event duration: 60 minutes

The same code that creates the web pages and apps we use everyday can be used to create music. Anna Xambó Sedó is a live-coder who has mastered this skill.

Recently she’s been experimenting with how she can make music in collaboration with a digital companion to create music from large collections of sound data from Freesound.org.

In this one-of-a-kind performance, experience how a virtual companion complements a human live coder to create new and unique music right before your eyes and ears.


The performance consists of a live coding session using the self-built SuperCollider extension MIRLCa combined with a live chat.

Audio / Video


Sound Credit List (Source: Freesound.org):


I am thankful to the British Science Festival for the opportunity to present my work to their audiences in Leicester and a big thank you to the audience who attended the concert for their participation in the session. Thanks to James Andean for inviting me to be part of the MTI2 showcase at the British Science Festival. Many thanks to Chris Johnston for DMU media coverage. Thank you to Laura Hailstone and Becky Gilmore for coordinating the event and Theo and their team for their technical support on the day. Also thanks to Alan Barker for his mentoring role in understanding and communicating to the BSF audience. Last but not least, I’m grateful to Gerard Roma for his constant help and support.