MCT4046 Sonification and Sound Design

Coordinated by Anna Xambó

Years: Spring 2019

Program: 2-year Master in Music, Technology and Communication (NTNU/UiO)

Course Description: The aim of the 5-credit course is to develop knowledge of and practical experience with sonification, including sound design, interface implementation and perceptual analysis. This course will provide a state of the art of the field of sonification both at a theoretical and practical levels. The students will get a sense of different approaches to sonification from current research and practice in the format of in-house and guest lectures. The theory will be combined with hands-on workshops, where a range of methods to map data to sound will be explored. The evaluation of the course will be based on the creation of a final auditory display built in teams and related essay with a blog post version that should build on the theory and practice learned over the course. Reflection will be a strong component of the course, in alignment with the learning outcomes of the MCT program.

Outcome: As an outcome of the course, we have created this playlist of a series of 8 lectures with experts in the field of sonification, sound design and sound art: Øyvind Brandtsegg, Leif Arne Rønningen, Daniel Buner Formo, Thomas Hermann, Edo Fouilloux, Pamela Z, Ole Maria Nieling and Pedro Pestana. Both the seminar sessions and the video edition are student-led, which is one core characteristic of the MCT master. Enjoy the lectures!