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  • (November 26, 2018). Alexandra Murray-Leslie: The Liberation of the Feet. This is the 2nd talk of our WoNoMute monthly seminar series. Trondheim, Norway.
  • (November 21, 2018). Panel: Women in Music Technology around the World with Nela Brown (FLO), Magdalena Chudy (FLO), Liz Dobson (YSWN), Ada Mathea Hoel (WoNoMute), Léa Ikkache (WiMT), Tuna Pase (FLO), Franziska Schroeder (FLO), Ariane Stolfi, (Sonora) Sonia Wilkie (FLO) and Anna Xambó (WoNoMute, WiMT). Sonic Arts Research Center, Queen's University Belfast. Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • (November 15, 2018). Panel: Future of the Music Industries with Joe Lyske (chair, MXX), Jesper Skibsby (panelist, WARM), Nick Breen (panelist, Reed Smith) and Anna Xambó (panelist, Associate Professor Music Technology at NTNU). Resonate Music Conference 2018. Barras Art and Design (BAAD), Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

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