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Musical avatar automatically generated from my musical taste. Source: The Musical Avatar project, MTG-UPF.

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Latest Performances

  • peterMann (September 28, 2018). Live coding session. The Raw, Inter/sections 2018. Café 1001. London, UK.
  • Xambó, A. (September 19, 2018). "Imaginary Berlin". WAC '18. Factory Berlin. Berlin, Germany.
  • Xambó, A. (August 9, 2018). "MareNostrum". Cube Fest. Moss Arts Center. Blacksburg, VA, USA.

Latest Other Activities

  • Xambó, A. (September 28, 2018). “Challenges and Opportunities of Collaborative Music Live Coding: A Practitioner's Approach". Lightning Talk. The Raw and The Cooked, Inter/sections 2018. Café 1001. London, UK
  • (July 4, 2018). The Disturbing Discussion about Innovation with Nicolas d'Alessandro (panelist), Tom Mitchell (panelist), Anna Xambó (panelist), and Matthias Strobel (moderator). Wallifornia MusicTech Hackathon. Liège, Belgium.
  • Xambó, A. (May 15, 2018). "H2RI", new album released by pan y rosas (Chicago, IL, USA).

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