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Musical avatar automatically generated from my musical taste. Source: The Musical Avatar project, MTG-UPF.

Latest Publications

  • Xambó, A., Roma, G., Shah, P., Tsuchiya, T., Freeman, J., Magerko, B. (submitted). “Turn-taking and Online Chatting in Remote and Co-located Collaborative Music Live Coding”.
  • Weisling, A., Xambó, A. (submitted). “Beacon: Exploring Physicality in Digital Performance”.
  • Women in Music Tech (Georgia Tech). (November 3, 2017). "Newsletter WiMT#8: Reflecting on NIME 2017".
  • Xambó, A., Ceriani, M., Stolfi, A., Turchet, L., Barthet, M., Fazekas, G., Goudarzi, V. (submitted). "Audio and HCI in The Digital Age: Engaging with the Internet of Sounds".

Latest Performances

  • Brown, N., Stolfi , A., Schroeder, F., Chudy, M., Pase, T., Wilkie, S., Xambó, A., Ikkache, L., Weisling, A. (submitted). "Transmusicking II".
  • Brown, N., Chudy, M., Papadomanolaki, M., Wilkie, S., Pase, T., Stolfi , A., Schroeder, F., Xambó, A., Ikkache, L., Freeman, J., Ganesh, S., Kerure, A., Narang, J., Tsuchiya, T. (August 25, 2017). "Transmusicking I". Audio Mostly Conference 2017. London.
  • Xambó, A. and Roma, G. (August 21, 2017). "Hyperconnected Action Painting". Web Audio Conference 2017. London.

Latest Other Events