Photo by Tom McKlin @ RESPECT conference 2015, Charlotte (NC, USA).


My research contributes to the fields of HCI and sound & music computing (SMC) and has three foci:

  1. Technology: using cutting-edge technology in real-time interactive musical systems and creative algorithms borrowed from MIR and machine learning that can be useful for real-time performance and musical improvisation e.g. live coding or algorithmic music.
  2. Design: exploring novel aesthetics for real-time interactive musical systems e.g. tangible interfaces or wearable computing.
  3. Experience: bringing more egalitarian, collaborative and participatory experiences to the fore e.g. multichannel experiences, participatory performances, DIY workshops.

Intelligent CSCW: Tangible Music Everywhere

I envision pushing the boundaries of technology, design, and experience towards more collaborative, egalitarian and sustainable spaces, what I term tangible music everwhere. My mission is to do interdisciplinary research that embraces techniques and research methods from engineering, social sciences, and the arts for creating a new generation of interactive music systems for music performance and social interaction in alignment with Computer-Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) principles. You can read my research statement here.


Music performance • Social interaction • Digital media • Education • Computer science • Interactive systems design • User experience design

Research Interests

Design of digital musical instruments (DMIs) • Real-time interactive systems for music performance • Human-computer interaction • Tangible, physical & social computing • Computer-supported collaborative, participatory & improvisation music • Live coding • Real-time music information retrieval and machine learning • Multichannel spatialization • Algorithmic composition & randomized algorithms • Immersive sound experiences • Women in music tech • Arts & social sciences research methods • STEAM education • Data visualization • Creative programming

Research Groups