• How to Represent the Umami Taste in Digital Performance?

    Figure 1. A participatory digital painting resulted from the piece Hyperconnected Action Painting (Anna Xambó & Gerard Roma) and inspired by Jackson Pollock's action painting technique.
  • Girl Geeks

  • How Many Music Technology Research Centers Are There in the World?

    This blog post is an ongoing research that attempts to answer the question of how many music technology research centers do exist around the world, referring to research centers that specialize in technologies applied to music and sound. The final aim is to display the research centers in a map and summarize the main lines of research for each center.

  • The top 10 Most-cited Papers in Music Technology

    What is the most-cited paper in music technology? A few weeks ago I informally posed this question in social media (Twitter, Facebook). A nice conversation followed up the question, which I will summarize here.

  • TUIs and Tabletops

    From left to right, and top to bottom: TuneTable (© Georgia Tech), SoundXY4 (© Anna Xambó), Soundscape Turntablism (© Anna Xambó and Gerard Roma), SoundXY2 (© Anna Xambó), TouchTR4CK (© Anna Xambó), SoundscapeDJ (© Anna Xambó and Gerard Roma), The Reactable (© Reactable Systems).
  • Women in Music Tech

  • My New Website on Jekyll!

    I have a new website! I am trying Jekyll for the first time. The content from my previous website has been migrated and updated. Now it should read better on mobile devices. Here is a useful explanation on the benefits of using Jekyll and GitHub to create and host a personal website.