I have published two solo recordings under the pseudonym peterMann: “init” (2010, Carpal Tunnel) and “On the Go” (2013, Carpal Tunnel). My solo works are known for their unique sound of working with hypnotizing basses, industrial ambiances, and noise as concept art. Overall, I am heavily inspired by minimalism as lifestyle. You can read my music statement here.

peterMann - On The Go (2013)

On the Go is an aural report from peterMann, on a trip through unexplored territories. A collection of dense and noisy ambiances seasoned with interferences, tweets and crackles, suggesting the presence of unseen life forms. A solitary excursion for the adventurous isolationist.

Free Download: On the Go - peterMann (2013)

peterMann - init (2010)

init is the first release by peterMann on Carpal Tunnel, a collection of 12 minimalist compositions of rough electronic sounds, subtle dissonances and field recordings interleaved into aggressive rhythms and dark ambiances. An hypnotic walk through industrial landscapes filled with unexpected dangers. A must for those interested in slow experimental techno.

Free Download: init - peterMann (2010)