Sensing the forest. Let the forest speak.

Peter Batchelor (DMU, LMS/MTI^2), Matthew Wilkinson (Forest Research), Georgios Xenakis (Forest Research) and I as a Principal Investigator (DMU, LMS/MTI^2) have been awarded an AHRC Early Career Grant for our project “Sensing the Forest: Let the Forest Speak using the Internet of Things, Acoustic Ecology and Creative AI”.

This project brings the MTI^2 expertise in acoustic ecology and sonic arts to help combat climate change in the forest. As part of the project, we will be collaborating with the project partner Forestry England, Krishna Nama Manjunatha (DMU, ESD/IES), and Ashok Karatrava (DMU, CEM), among others.

This project was developed during my participation at the Vice-Chancellor’s Future Research Leaders Programme (FRL8 2021-2022), with special thanks to Mike Baynham (programme leader), Deborah Cartmell, Emma Vadher, Raffaella Villa, James Russell, Shushma Patel and the Future Research Leaders 8 Cohort. The proposal was finalised during my sabbatical in October-November 2022 with special thanks to the MTI^2 colleagues Peter Batchelor, James Andean, Simon Atkinson, John Young and Bret Battey for covering my teaching duties in conversation with Dr Allan Taylor.

The success of the project has been possible due to the excellent help and support provided by the DMU’s research office (with special thanks to Finella Bottomley, Tom Moore, Auwal Muktar Dodo, Gaia Rossetti, Lucy Gregson-Green and Meera Warrier), the top-notch mentorship of Prof Leigh Landy as well as the crucial internal reviews by Prof Leigh Landy and Prof Bret Battey.

The project will start on the 1st of September 2023. Stayed tuned!