Anna Xambó @ Sound Junction Satellites: Live Coding & 3D Sounds 2020

A live coding session in binaural audio. Sound Junction Satellites: Live Coding & 3D Sounds. Streaming from Sheffield, United Kingdom. November 14, 2020.

About the event

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An evening of performances, talks and a workshop exploring algorithmic pattern, 3D sound-worlds and more. Experience the cutting edge of electronic music and learn some new techniques in an exclusive live streamed event.


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  • More info on the event and full programme here.

About my live coding session

This live coding session was presented at the event “Sound Junction Satellites: Live Coding & 3-D Sound” in Sheffield, UK. This live coding session explores the possibilities of multichannel in SuperCollider. Due to a national lockdown, the event was adapted to a live stream version in binaural audio.

Technical setup

Technologies used for live coding

Technologies used for video streaming


Sound Samples Used


Thanks to University of Sheffield Concerts and Algomech for supporting and organising the concert “Sound Junction Satellites: Live Coding & 3-D Sound – Online Live Stream”, with special thanks to Nick Potter and Alex McLean. Thank you to Petros Galanakis and the Music, Technology and Innovation - Institute for Sonic Creativity (MTI^2) at De Montfort University for lending me equipment. Many thanks to Gerard Roma for advice on binaural technology. Finally, my gratitude to Kim Swan and Toby Hyam for their always inspiring conversations and knowledge.