MCT4048 Audio Programming

Hands-on course by Anna Xambó

Years: Spring 2019

Program: 2-year Master in Music, Technology and Communication (NTNU/UiO)

Course Description: This 5-credit course is based on Web Audio and JavaScript and consists of 8 intensive sessions (7 hours per day, 56 hours in total) that combine lectures and hands-on activities. The lectures provide an overview of the fundamental concepts of audio programming. The hands-on workshops are based on building web applications based on Web Audio technologies, both individually and in team. The evaluation of the course is based on the daily activity and two mini-projects that incorporate the theory and practice learned over the course. This course has been designed for the master Music, Communication, and Technology (MCT) program (NTNU-UiO).



During the first week, the students develop an individual mini-project, whilst in the second week, the students develop a group mini-project. Here’s the list of the blog posts about the projects developed by the students in Spring 2019:

  • Touch the Alien by Eigil Aandahl, Jonas Bjordal, Mari Lesteberg & Sam Roman.
  • The Magic Piano by Jørgen Nygård Varpe, Ashane Silva, Guy Sion.
  • Convolverizer by Eirik Dahl, Karolina Jawad, Shreejay Shrestha, Sepehr Haghighi.


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