WACastMix (2017-present)

Description: Web Audio Cast Mixer (WACastMix) is a Web Audio interface that allows to mix incoming audio streams (e.g. IceCast audio streams, soundscapes from Locus Sonus, and so on).

Author: Anna Xambó

Role: Concept and implementation.

Technologies: Web Audio.

Code: Coming soon.


  • Brown, N., Chudy, M., Papadomanolaki, M., Wilkie, S., Pase, T., Stolfi , A., Schroeder, F., Xambó, A., Ikkache, L., Freeman, J., Ganesh, S., Kerure, A., Narang, J., Tsuchiya, T. (August 25, 2017). “Transmusicking I”. Audio Mostly Conference 2017. London.