Anna Xambó @ MTI@20 Concert

A situated live coding session. MTI@20. PACE 1 De Montfort University. Leicester, United Kingdom. February 29, 2020.

Setup for the live coding session by Anna Xambó at the MTI at 20 concert.

Program notes

A situated live coding session where crowdsourced sounds from the Internet are retrieved, transformed and dissipated using a self-built live coding system. The performance starts with a blank canvas and the situation will help to shape the sound corpus.

Technical requirements

  • XLR/Stereo Jack.
  • HDMI (to project my screen).



This performance was part of the the second of two music events celebrating twenty years of Music, Technology and Innovation at De Montfort University.


Special thanks to Simon Atkinson for the invitation, Petros Galanakis and Harry Pentony for their concert technical support, Gerard Roma for constant conversations on SuperCollider, the NTNU MusTek group for their precious gift of metal springs and Cultural EXchanges for hosting the concert.

Sound Credit List (Source: